Hello! My name is Maggie, a Sarawakian born and bred. I live in a little town called Kuching and there is where I spend my moments delving into jewelry making.

This blog is dedicated to my journey in jewelry making and other bits and pieces of fashion, lifestyle, inspiration and every single pretty, sparkly and glittery thing in between.

I solely run my little online jewelry shop in Etsy. I handcrafted my jewelries with attention to details using mostly rhinestones, crystals, beads or silk and assembled them using myriad techniques. I’m still on the verge of exploring other mediums though… after all, the sky’s the limit.

I also crafted and designed my own packaging including crafting the pillow box to sewing the fabric display. I’ll make sure every parcel is packaged with utmost care and delivered in time.

I’m inspired by vintage things. I’m a vintage lover, that’s where part of the inspiration came from. Others are from my childhood fancies such as fairytales, dolls, dollhouses and dress-ups.

Other than showing my own work here, I love to share some other designer’s creation that intrigues me. I always give credit to the artist I mentioned, unless I truly don't know. So, if you see your photograph here, just leave me a message so that I can give credit to you along with the URL. Thanks!

Maggie Merang


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