Sunday, August 25, 2013

No Diamonds for Ursula

I’m into braids lately. Somehow, they reminded me so much of the old school charms. Back in the days where I and a few of my friends used to make braided bracelets and exchanged them as friendship bracelets. Not only do braided jewelries are fun to make, they are pleasingly playful to one's eye and perks-up any less ordinary looking jewelries. For this next piece, I’m using high quality DMC embroidery floss or cotton floss and braided 3 different shades of color. 

* * * * *
As the piece was done, I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice. The material seems to compliment each other quite well. 
The middle centerpiece is made of a marvelous Pink Opal Sabrina West German Vintage sew-on with Pacific Blue Opal and Aurora Borealis rhinestones, glued and wire-wrapped to deep purple (eggplant) leather suede backing.


All metal used are antique brass and adorned with lots of gorgeousness from sparkling Swarovski crystals & rhinestones.

This jewel-hued slave bracelet is a newly addition to the Libertine Collection, available here.

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It’s a lucky day for me today, so here’s what I’m going to do, especially to you all, my blog followers. I’ll be giving a 30% discount of the selling price for this particular piece. So, the newly discounted price will be USD$56, just for you. 

All you have to do is follow my blog and be the first one to comment in this post: “I’m feeling lucky” followed by your name and email address. A coupon code will be sent to you via your email address. Use that coupon upon purchasing. This coupon has no expiry date, so it’s a one time offer to that one lucky person.

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Happy shopping…

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Le Jardin Secret

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Le Jardin Secret Earrings was inspired by the founding event of Marie Antoinette's signature scent...the Black Jade. I combine different techniques in the process of making as to create different texture and details. 

On the crown sets a very intricate wire-works handcrafted from sterling silver 925, dotted with a peach rhinestone and wire-wrapped to a purple eggplant colored leather backing. The centerpiece is made of a captivating Starlight Octagon Swarovski rhinestone. The stone is vintage and heated to give an amazing sparkling effect. Circling around the stone are White Opal Swarovski and clear glass rhinestone chains. All the precious rhinestones have been glued with a strong adhesive.

Below the two Vintage Rose Swarovski bicone crystals is a marquise shape rhinestone embellishment decked with a tiny white vintage Howlite cabs, braided beige silk floss, pure silver and 18K gold thread surrounded with Pacific Blue Swarovski rhinestone chain.


Lenght : 2.7" (from top of ear-wires)

* * * * * 

All metals used in the making are of sterling silver 925 except for the rhinestones which are set in brass setting.

The Black Jade

The Black Jade by Lubin (2011)

 Marie Antoinette was initially loved by the people for her charm and beauty. She became an international symbol of decadent luxury and had a valuable impact on not just fashion and French couture but also in the art of perfumery.

In the late eighteen century, Jean-Louis Fargeon, the royal perfumer created the opulent, no-expenses-spared fragrance exclusively for her as an ode to her beloved Le Petit Trianon gardens which is a lush floral blend of rose-jasmine and bergamot-spiked scent.

The queen kept the perfume with her at all times, even during her imprisonment in the Temple Tower of Paris, carrying it in a midnight colored jade vial. Shortly before her death, she gave the vial to her most trusted confidant, Marquise de Tourzel and the flask remains in the possession of de Tourzel’s descendant to this day, safeguarded in the family’s Burgandy Chateau.

Pierre Lubin, who was the perfumer apprentice, paid a closer attention to the formula for this elixir. The formula was kept in Lubin’s archives under the name “Jardin Secret” and was discovered centuries later by the house current owner, Gilles Thevenin, who believed it to be the queen’s scent and restored its original name, aptly named The Black Jade, a name passed down from a confidant.

However the fragrance would smell like, I'm sure it is as deliciously extravagant as you would expect from a queen notorious for her lavish tastes. The history itself was rather fascinating and aspiring, initially the inspiration for my next piece...