Saturday, December 10, 2011

Song of a Ghostbird

Ghostbird, literally translate to "burung hantu", which means owl in my native language. Yes, I got inspired by a petite songbird with a huge talent from my own homeland of Sarawak, Borneo Island. Zee Avi, a singer & songwriter who is signed to US-based label Brushfire Records has just released her second sophomore album in August 2011 titled 'Ghostbird'. I was simply in love with her smooth relaxing sound and effortlessly sweet honey vocals which sounds like summerbreeze, a perfect soundtrack for an end of summer weekend. She played the guitar & ukelele quit well too. All the soundtracks are amazing especially 'The Book of Morris Johnson', my favourite track. Overall, the album reveals a catchy, pleasant and happy tunes that evokes a 1920's lounge singer in Honolulu heydays. Kudos to her on a job well done!

The Song of Ghostbird Earrings are available in the shop now.


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