Monday, April 4, 2011

International Velvet

Andy Warhol:

"There were other girls who were just as beautiful as Susan Bottomly was, but her way of moving made her extra beautiful. People constantly wanted to know, 'Who is she?' ... She also had one of the few bodies that could really bring out the ultimate look in a dress like, say, the ones Paco Rabanne made out of plastic disks or like the short black 'discotheque dress.' And with her long neck, she could wear the new big earrings the way nobody else could... Susan would "spend hours putting on the latest makeup, stroking on Fabulash over and over again, painting her eyes three different shades of brown... Watching someone like Susan Bottomly, who had such perfect, full, fine features, doing all this on her face was like watching a beautiful statue painting itself."

Gorgeous Susan Bottomly a.k.a International Velvet, known for her several appearance in Andy Warhol's films. A major hair & eyelash muse, not to mention she is effortlessly stylish!

P/s: The last picture reminded me so much of the Goddess of Self-Love Earrings. :)


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