Monday, June 14, 2010

Fantastical blues and green

Thank you Luthien for this wonderful and enchanting piece of treasury today, featuring my {Papillon Bleu Earrings}! Her shop {myithilien} has been one of my favorite.. filled with stunning and elegant pieces of jewelry mostly made of polymer clay. Check her out...

Isabella Choker

Untamed Love Collar


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inspiration of the day

Heather Burton photograph by Vikram Pathak

Inspiration of the day...


Friday, June 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

I'm feeling the World Cup fever now, are you?



Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Divine Gong Li

Here's a movie that I keep on watching over and over and over... for inspiration! I love Gong Li, she is a true beauty. Her wardrobe and accessories in this movie is absolutely breathtaking.

You can watch the whole movie here on youtube: Curse of the Golden Flower



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tales Of The Jeweled Ring 3

Here is my version of the knuckle/armour ring. Please forgive my hideous wire-wrapped for this ring, it is just a prototype that I've been making using recycled brass wires and Swarovski crystals. I just love how they turned out to be although some adjustments are needed.

As soon as it was done, I thought that the ring might felt uncomfortable on my finger, and run some test on them. I wear them the whole night on a girls night out and to my surprise they were comfy! ;) In fact, I've already received a commissioned for this ring from my best friend despite the hideous wire wrapped.

I'll post it on my next blog post but for now have a beautiful day ahead my friends... >_~



Monday, June 7, 2010

Tales Of The Jeweled Ring 2

My quest for that one special ring continues...

I found a lot of cool and edgy jewelry online especially rings, and these were my favorites. The first one was this amazingly cool design by Bijules, a New York based designer. This respected jewelry and accessory line is sought after by those who have a passion for individuality and fashion. The golden serpent nail rings are part of the "Serpensive" collection. I love it! But I doubt if I could make something like this or even stay on the finger lastingly...

Next is this beautiful talon knuckle ring that I loved so much from made her think by Meredith Kahn. I just love, love, love the horizontal effect of this ring on the finger.

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Ring is a statement making! I love this too! Definitely will be in my list of making.

Here, we have something totally cool from Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring. Super fantastic! And I guess that these would be more comfortable to wear as they have hinges that would allow movements from the fingers.

But above all, by far my most favorite, the prettiest among the pretty rings, is this fabulous and uber fashionable Loree Rodkin diamond knuckle / finger armor ring that every Fashionistas are talking about. I was tremendously in love with this kind of ring and it is exactly the type of ring that I'm looking for!

I found quite a few version of this ring from other designers and online stores, the choice is yours to steal or splurge.

Gothic Filigree Armour Hinged Silver Ring, $108

BCBG Rhinestone Embellish Ring, $148

Pamela Love Double Cage Ring, $414

Much to my surprise is this beaded armour / knuckle ring!!! How fantastically cool is that! I am amazed with Erin's beadwork and her effort in making edgy jewelry through beadweaving! Honestly, I didn't found any wire-wrapped armour / knuckle ring tough... there was none, not even on Etsy. And so, I was aspired to make one, perhaps the first...

To be continued...



Tales Of The Jeweled Ring

It all began in my quest for the ultimate ring...

Not your everyday type of ring but a special ring that would stand out among others with an edgier look. And so, straight away the empress of China, Empress Dowager Ci Xi came into my mind.

She's the powerfull and charasmatic figure who became the ruler of Manchu (Qing Dynasty) in China for 47 years from 1861 to her death in 1908. But of course I'm not going to talk about her ruling era, I am more interested in her bejeweled adornments. In this case, her nail protector (guard) which she uses to protect her extra long nails.

In ancient China, long nails represents noble and wealth. Only ladies of the noble and wealthy families are able to grow long nails because they didn't need to do housework. Nail protectors were worn by the Qing Empress Dowager Ci Xi and normally these were made of gold and gems.

The above figure is the lovely Chen Fei the Pearl Concubine, who was a friend, lover and the Imperial Consort of Emperor Kwang Hsu. Although she was favored by the Emperor, her story was a real sad one as she met a very sad end in 1900. As depicted here, she is also wearing some nails protector too.

I was thinking that these nail protectors were quite cool and look very sexy if wear on the pinky finger! Alas, I finally made one but I loathe it very much! It was not comfortable and my pinky little finger felt very stiff and my movements were constraint by it! Sorry for not posting any pictures of it though...

However, if you do interested in these adornments, I've found a beautiful one on Etsy!

To be continued...



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank You To All My Followers...

Recipe of Greatness
Poet: Zane Grey

To bear up under loss;
to fight the bitterness of defeat and the weakness of grief;
to be bitter over anger;
to smile when tears are close;
to resist disease and evil man and base instincts;
to hate hate and to love love;
to go on when it would seem good to die;
to look up with quenchable faith in something ever more about to be.

that is what any man (women) can do, and so be great!



Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fluffy All Over

Woke up this morning and found out my Fluffly Pink Clouds Earrings was featured in this lovely treasury -
Fluffy All Over. Thank you Amanda from tutucandybyamanda!

Amanda makes lovely tutu's and hair accessories for little girls and here are some of my favorite goodies from her shop...

Summer Time Ice Cream Flower Hair Bow

Blue with Feathers Flower Hair Bow

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tutu



Friday, June 4, 2010

Princess Of Persia

Photograph by Melissa Rodwell
Model by Alexandra B

I found this Harper's Bazaar Arabia editorial (May 2010) rather cool with big bold chunky accessories and airy ensembles. It does remind me of Sex and the City 2 where Carries actually crimped her hair on their trip to Morroco.

As you would know, I love bold, dramatic and chunky accessories and here's my own rendition of Persian inspired collection - Scheherazade Suite