Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas!

Have a fabulous & wonderful Christmas everyone~!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Mary Katrantzou

There's a new designer star in town... and her name is Mary Katrantzou. I was so exceedingly overwhelmed by her designs that I've decided to share some of her beautiful work here on my blog.

Overall, I love every details of her designs, her bold chandelier accessories and the vibrant colors she have chosen for her Spring Summer 2011 collection.

Love the beady fringes on this skirt!

My favorite accessory... this chandelier necklace!

Oh... what a dreamy collection! She'll definitely be on my lookout list. She have a website that will be launching soon. Here's the link: Mary Katrantzou

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting ready for my next jewelry piece...

A Goddes of Self-Love Earrings was a success. And I'm on to my next creation. Here's my inspiration, a potrait of little Marie Antoinette and her family. As you can see, from the left Archduchess Marie Christine, Archduke Ferdinand, Archduchess Marie Antoinette (with her favourite doll), Archduke Maximilian (under the table eating cakes), Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Goddess of Self-Love

"infatuated with herself, always classically draped, her magnificent hair only coiffure, she was strange in her personality and her ways. She would appear at gatherings like a goddess descended from the clouds... She almost never spoke to women...she would wait, patient and indifferent, for her hosts to pay their compliments...she seemed to be saying to all: I am not here for you, I am of a different essence." General Fleury on Virginia Oldoini, Countess di Castiglione.

I have always been inspired by Virginia Oldoini but haven’t had the perfect design for her until today. Finding a design for her was a challenge and I think that I have perfectly portrays her beauty in these magnificent pair of earrings.

Brace yourself for A Goddess of Self-Love Earrings. Every single part of this earring is hand-crafted, except for the long luscious Sienna ostrich feathers of course. What a gorgeous color don’t you agree? The main focal is finely constructed of 925 sterling silver wires and embellished with beautiful gemstones of:-

~ Mystic Pink Topaz Beads

~ AAA Platinum Mystic Garnet Briolette

~ AA Amethyst Rondelles
~ Swarovski crystals with beautiful shades of Light Amethyst AB2X

Ultimately glam and exquisite, this earring falls approximately 7” from top of the ear-wires with a 1.25” wide.

Ohh…but wait, here’s a secret about this earring… it’s totally versatile. To get a much more wearable look, just simply un-hook the feathers part from the bottom. Is that easy…and fun! ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010

A full blast treasury week!

I had the most treasury being featured in this week and it's a great boost for me. Thank you all... thank you so much for your fabulous treasuries! ;)