Monday, June 7, 2010

Tales Of The Jeweled Ring 2

My quest for that one special ring continues...

I found a lot of cool and edgy jewelry online especially rings, and these were my favorites. The first one was this amazingly cool design by Bijules, a New York based designer. This respected jewelry and accessory line is sought after by those who have a passion for individuality and fashion. The golden serpent nail rings are part of the "Serpensive" collection. I love it! But I doubt if I could make something like this or even stay on the finger lastingly...

Next is this beautiful talon knuckle ring that I loved so much from made her think by Meredith Kahn. I just love, love, love the horizontal effect of this ring on the finger.

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Ring is a statement making! I love this too! Definitely will be in my list of making.

Here, we have something totally cool from Vivienne Westwood Armor Ring. Super fantastic! And I guess that these would be more comfortable to wear as they have hinges that would allow movements from the fingers.

But above all, by far my most favorite, the prettiest among the pretty rings, is this fabulous and uber fashionable Loree Rodkin diamond knuckle / finger armor ring that every Fashionistas are talking about. I was tremendously in love with this kind of ring and it is exactly the type of ring that I'm looking for!

I found quite a few version of this ring from other designers and online stores, the choice is yours to steal or splurge.

Gothic Filigree Armour Hinged Silver Ring, $108

BCBG Rhinestone Embellish Ring, $148

Pamela Love Double Cage Ring, $414

Much to my surprise is this beaded armour / knuckle ring!!! How fantastically cool is that! I am amazed with Erin's beadwork and her effort in making edgy jewelry through beadweaving! Honestly, I didn't found any wire-wrapped armour / knuckle ring tough... there was none, not even on Etsy. And so, I was aspired to make one, perhaps the first...

To be continued...




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