Friday, June 4, 2010

Princess Of Persia

Photograph by Melissa Rodwell
Model by Alexandra B

I found this Harper's Bazaar Arabia editorial (May 2010) rather cool with big bold chunky accessories and airy ensembles. It does remind me of Sex and the City 2 where Carries actually crimped her hair on their trip to Morroco.

As you would know, I love bold, dramatic and chunky accessories and here's my own rendition of Persian inspired collection - Scheherazade Suite




luthien said...

oh gosh!!! toooooo gorgeous i have no words! you amaze me all the time! there is something i've always wondered ... so use a real lot of wires ... where do you even get them from? those are oxidised silver right?

Maggie said...

Most of my suppliers are from Etsy and Ebay and I always bought them in larger quantity. After every pieces is done, I oxidized them with Liver of sulfur.. I love oxidized silver but it all depends. Sometimes un-oxidized silver looks amazing too. :)

So how are you lately? Create something pretty this week? Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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