Friday, May 14, 2010

Pocket Full Of Sunshine

What's up dearies!? I hope you're having a wonderful day today, I know I am. :) I've just finished polishing these little beauties and straightaway up-loaded them. The pattern here reminds me of the sun, hence I called them Pocket full of Sunshine!

These little darlings are really petite! They measures only 1.85" from those handmade kidney ear-wires. Something that you can wear everyday on every occasion. These eye candy earrings are drape in the most simple color palette of yellow and pink, the combination of gorgeous Mystic Pink Topaz Beads and precious Citrine Rondelles. To me, it's the shades of sweet girlish innocence, storybook romance and everything sugar & spice.

A simplicity with understated glamor.

Click here to view it on Etsy: {Pocket Full Of Sunshine}




waterwaif said...

Love it! So fresh and pretty!
Mystic topaz/quartz are wonderful, aren't they?

Maggie said...

Absolutely Tara!!! If I could have just MORE!! :)

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