Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Papillon Bleu

Mother's Day had given me the inspiration to created this next piece. Unlike me who always love bold and dramatic kind of jewelry, mum always go for small pieces for her collection and I thought that I would create something different this time, something petite in figure. They turned out just incredibly stunning! I love em'! The gemmies here are:-

~ Blue Chalcedony
~ Citrine Rondelles
~ Magnificent AAA Gem Grade Sky Blue Topaz.

I'm quite satisfied with the wire-work technique that I'm using, something that's really a work of my own, lots of filigree motives and very feminine. :)

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Teri and Amber said...

So gorgeous, the colors are perfect together. Like your mum, I too love the smaller pieces. Very nice how the dramatic details in this smaller piece still stand out!

Maggie said...

Thanks so much Teri & Amber! Perhaps I'll be making more small pieces in the future! :)

*gemagenta* Lorena Martinez said...

Didn't knew you had a blog! I'm following you now :)

These little and cute earrings are amazing, like all your work, you're so talented with wire!!! :O

And I also love the pic with your mom, it's great she inspired you these pieces ♥

Maggie said...

Thanks so much Lorena dear! I guess mostly mums are the biggest inspiration for us even though we may not notice it. :) Hope you have a wonderful day and keep up creating fabulous pieces!! ♥ your jewelries too.

Ozma of Odds said...

...Maggie, it's always an extra hug when your creative work goes to someone that adores them too:)
xo, Rosemary

ps: your blog is looking awesome!!!!

Maggie said...

Oh yes Rosemary, and the feeling is definitely overwhelming. Suddenly it boosted my confidence! :D

Thanks for the sweet words! xoxo

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