Friday, May 7, 2010

Morgiana's Dance

I was going through some of my old materials and the idea of creating something out of recycle components really excites me (since I have ran out of sterling silver). Some of the creations I have already post and next is this gorgeous slave bracelet - {MORGIANA'S DANCE}. I am really into this sort of bracelet lately. Somehow I found them to be very unique and packs serious fashion punch onto any ensemble.

No one knows exactly the origins of slave bracelet. They have different names in different regions. According to historian, E.J Alagoa, Portuguese slave traders often paid for slaves in Portuguese coins called manillas, which the Nigerian traders fashioned into intricate bracelets. While in India, slave bracelet is a popular ornaments amongst the newly wed bride from ancient times and not of slavery. Through time, the slave bracelet became a fashion ornaments. In "Twentieth Century American Fashion," Linda Welters describes slave bracelet as being popular in the mid-1920s. She describe the flappers' version was a bracelet made of rectangular links, often connected with enamel links and were worn in multiples.

Morgiana's Dance is composed entirely out of antique brass materials and drizzled in sparkly Swarovski crystals in nuances of purple. Over the top, below the chain ring is a circle of swirly wire-works accompanied by a beautiful maroon rhinestone (recycle component).

The inspiration beauty behind this creation is Morgiana, a clever, faithful female servant of Ali Baba, who pries into the forty jars, and discovers every jar, but one, contains a man. She takes oil from the only one containing it and, having made it boiling hot, pours enough into each jar to kill the thief concealed there. At last she kills the captain of the gang while she performs an intriguing dance, and marries her master's son.




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Very nicely done!!

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Thanks so much Mary! xoxox :)

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