Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mahbubah, Caliph's Favorite

There were in the palace of the Caliph al - Mutawakkil ala"llah four thousand concubines, whereof two thousand were Greeks and other two thousand slave born Arabians and Abyssinians; and 'Obayd ibn Tahir had given him two hundred white girls and a like number of Abyssinian and native girls. Among these slave-borns was a girl of Bassorah, Mahbubah, the Beloved, who was of surpassing beauty and loveliness, elegance and voluptuous grace. - Burton's Arabian Nights

I try to portray Mahbubah's beauty into this fabulous slave bracelet that I love so much with embellishment of intricate filligree designs, my signature look and lots of fabulous ornate details. This creation of 2 fabulous parts that are removable & attachable by the tiny toggle clasp; This creation features a 2 fabulous parts that are removable & attachable by the tiny toggle clasp: ❶a ring ❷a bracelet

Lots of dazzling Luxe Tundra Sapphire and Fool's Gold Pyrite Rondelles went into this creation with luxurious compliments such as:-

~ Beautiful Purple Hydrothermal Quartz Briolette
~ Brilliant AAA Mystic Apple Green Quartz Briolette
~ Pink Mystic Topaz Faceted Oval Beads
~ Luscious AA Vesuvianite Rondelles
~ Saucy AA Grape Chalcedony Briolette
~ A single alluring Ruby Rondelles
~ Tiny Thai Silver Beads
~ Bali Daisy Spacer
~ & Exquisite Rough D I A M O N D S

The bracelet itself is a stunner! Notice the braided sferas on the bracelet? I love them so much. You'll be seeing more of that pattern in future designs. Handcrafted entirely with oxidized sterling silver, the bracelet fits a wrist of 6.5" to 8" approximately while the ring is totally adjustable.
This piece is definitely for someone who is looking for a sense of fun with sensual allure in their jewelry collection. Enjoy. :)




Voleurdebijoux said...

Your jewels are totally divine, Maggie!! :)

Have a beautiful and inspiring day!! xoxo

Maggie said...

Thanks so much sweetie!!! I love your jewels too! Best wishes to you!

BrassyBeads said...

I left a comment for you when you first posted this, but it appears to be lost! :(
I had written how much I love what you are doing with this toggle idea, it's very unique.
The whole piece is wonderful but I'm especially drawn to the ring!

Maggie said...

Thank you dear Mary~! xoxoxo...

You have been my biggest supporter & inspiration throughout all this! :) Happy that you've drawn to the ring coz I've spent the most time in designing it. The ring was all blurry at first, unlike the bracelet which had a very clear vision up in my mind. I was stuck with the ring for a few days, but very happy with the end result.

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