Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paint it Black & Gold

I've been trying to grab a treasury for weeks, unfortunately the time zone doesn't allowed me to do so, not until last night. Here is my 2nd Etsy Treasury - {Paint it BLACK & GOLD}


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mahbubah, Caliph's Favorite

There were in the palace of the Caliph al - Mutawakkil ala"llah four thousand concubines, whereof two thousand were Greeks and other two thousand slave born Arabians and Abyssinians; and 'Obayd ibn Tahir had given him two hundred white girls and a like number of Abyssinian and native girls. Among these slave-borns was a girl of Bassorah, Mahbubah, the Beloved, who was of surpassing beauty and loveliness, elegance and voluptuous grace. - Burton's Arabian Nights

I try to portray Mahbubah's beauty into this fabulous slave bracelet that I love so much with embellishment of intricate filligree designs, my signature look and lots of fabulous ornate details. This creation of 2 fabulous parts that are removable & attachable by the tiny toggle clasp; This creation features a 2 fabulous parts that are removable & attachable by the tiny toggle clasp: ❶a ring ❷a bracelet

Lots of dazzling Luxe Tundra Sapphire and Fool's Gold Pyrite Rondelles went into this creation with luxurious compliments such as:-

~ Beautiful Purple Hydrothermal Quartz Briolette
~ Brilliant AAA Mystic Apple Green Quartz Briolette
~ Pink Mystic Topaz Faceted Oval Beads
~ Luscious AA Vesuvianite Rondelles
~ Saucy AA Grape Chalcedony Briolette
~ A single alluring Ruby Rondelles
~ Tiny Thai Silver Beads
~ Bali Daisy Spacer
~ & Exquisite Rough D I A M O N D S

The bracelet itself is a stunner! Notice the braided sferas on the bracelet? I love them so much. You'll be seeing more of that pattern in future designs. Handcrafted entirely with oxidized sterling silver, the bracelet fits a wrist of 6.5" to 8" approximately while the ring is totally adjustable.
This piece is definitely for someone who is looking for a sense of fun with sensual allure in their jewelry collection. Enjoy. :)



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scheherazade, The King's storyteller - 3-in-1 Earrings

This is quite a unique earring that I have created up to date. It features a dramatic design that captures the essence of Middle Eastern jewelry. And the cool factor of this artistic pleasure is that it’s a *3-in-1* piece with removable and attachable danglers. So you can wear it in 3 styles; a vivacious hoop (pic. No 2), a glamorous dangler (pic no 3) and combining the two together that gives a dramatic look.

The hoop itself gives an alluring and stunning design, crafted in sterling silver 925 with luxurious compliments of the sauciest AA Chalcedony Fat Briolette, glimmering Gold Pyrite Faceted Rondelles and tiny Thai Sterling Silver Faceted beads. Notice how the capping of the purple chalcedony brings a 3D effect look, adding characteristic value into this design.

The second component is the umbrella-like danglers or as suggested by my dear friend seems to mimic the shape of a bird cage. :) Either one, I am very pleased with the result. It’s heavily embellished with swirl motive and skirts of lovely Luxe Tundra Sapphire Rondelles, most gorgeous shades ranging from a rich plum to andalusite type browns to grossular garnet greens and finally burnt paprika orange tones. The grandeur purple color dropping in the middle is the elegant Hydrothermal Quartz Faceted Pear Briolette, rich and fabulous.

I applied a tiny toggle on top of the glamorous danglers so that it can be unclasped and worn separately for subtle elegance. An FOC separate earring hooks (crafted by me) is provided so you can have fun with these beauties.

Measurements are as follows:-

  • a. Hoop ~ a dainty hoop with a 1.1" diameter
  • b. Danglers ~ dropping 2.5" from top of the earring hook
  • c. Both ~ dropping 2.9 " from top of hoop


The Story of Scheherazade

Scheherazade is a legendary Persian Queen and the storyteller of all but the main story in the Arabian Nights, also called One Thousand and One Nights. The legend centers on King Shahryar who is disillusioned by sexual infidelity of women caused by his first wife who had been unfaithful to him. So every night he will wed a new virgin only to have her beheaded the next day. He had killed three thousand such women by the time he was introduced to the beautiful vizier's daughter, Scheherazade.

Scheherazade is very well-educated, having studied the legends, histories and stories about proceeding Kings and humankind in general. She had perused the works of poet and learned arts, sciences, philosophy and accomplishment. She was pleasant and polite, wise and witty, well read and well bred.

Against her father will, Scheherazade volunteered to wed the King. As she bid one last farewell to her beloved sister, Dinarzade, secretly ask her to tell a story during the long night. King Shahryar lay awake and listened in awe as Scheherazade spun a fascinating, adventurous tale, which she quit speaking before the story finished as it was almost dawn. So the King spared her life for one day to finish the story the next night.

This strategy of anticipation continues for a thousand nights, with Scheherazade telling her husband a new tale every night, but stopping just before dawn with a cliffhanger. By the end of one thousand and one nights, Scheherazade had no more stories to tell the King. However the King had fallen in love with her and they had three sons. The King forgave her and made her his Queen, for Scheherazade not only entertained her husband with her tales, but she had also educated the man in kindness and morality.

She was an inspirational character to me not to mentioned that I really love Persian jewelry, I really had to post the story of her. This Persian storyteller, Scheherazade had been acknowledge by many of feminist scholars for being the greatest female strategist of all time. Her story is more than a morality tale indeed.