Sunday, March 21, 2010

Romantic Sunday

Sunday morning always gives me the feeling of sweet romance. And I happen to found this oh so romantic lace tights that gives a luxurious vintage look to ones ensemble. I found this at Plumo Lace Tights | For Detail, See. It offers an intricate crochet flower pattern that is so subversively sexy. Compliments so well with my fabulous La Casati Cuff Bracelet as well! What a funky spin...

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


ozma of odds said...

...hello Maggie ~
such a beautiful eye you have! I love your pictures and the way you put things together. ~ and your beautiful jewelry is to die for!!
xo, Rosemary

Maggie said...

Thanks sweet Rosemary!

And you create beautiful things too! I love browsing your blog & read the stuff you posted. Can't stop myself from entering the land of odds! :)

Have a great day & God bless you!

xoxo, Maggie

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