Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Irene Bordoni, The French Doll

Noted for her seductive brown eyes and coquettish personality, Irene Bordoni is probably best remembered from musical theatre as the star of the 1928 Cole Porter musical "Paris". This petite Corsican-born comedienne honed her eye-rolling talents on the French stage before coming to Broadway at the age of 17 in the revue Broadway to Paris (1912).

Bordini was renowned for wearing only the most stylish of clothes, including costumes by Erte and have contributed to the increase in women smoking in the 1920's when she appeared in Lucky Strike cigarette advertisements with the quip, "I smoke a Lucky to keep petite".

She spoofed the great lovers of history in As You Were (1920) and sang the popular "Do it Again" with vivacity & verve in the French Doll (1922). Porter so appreciated her talents that his stellar list of superlatives in "You're the Top" includes "the eyes of Irene Bordini."


Cgranlund said...

i love those pictures
and that style they had back than still want that kind of dress

Maggie said...

Lol....I'm in love with the style in those era as well Claire. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time just to see how they lived. :)

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