Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet Regency

A gift from a friend, Rosemary from Ozmaofodds. Thank you so much sweetie for this lovely gift! Love ya...xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gemalicious Giveaways

Attention to all gems addict! Gemalicious is having a super duper giveaways, 500 of fabulous & luscious beads & gems! To enter it is absolutely easy, just click here to the link ~ Gemalicious Giveaway and follow the rules on how to enter it. I'm already drooling over for these...

Check out thier shop Gemalicious Beads on Etsy as well. Lots of gemtones to drool for...

New Gems Arrived

Just received these today... Aren't they pretty? These pretty gemmies are called Hydrothermal Quartz. Not quite sure what to do with them yet but I do have something in mind...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ups & Downs

I was so happy & excited to hear that my treasury made it to Etsy front page today! Thank you so much Etsy for featuring my treasury, I was overwhelmed. Congratulation to all the featured artists as well, you all deserves the best!

The front page news have actually made my day as today is so gloomy and sad for me... we've just lost our family pet dog, Boo Boo. He was only 4 months old when we found him lying lifeless on the road side. It was tragic! May his soul rest in peace...We love you Boo Boo!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Could I Have This Kiss Forever?

I've made it into the Etsy Treasury today Could I have this kiss forever?. Just a few romantic suggestion for your Valentines...

From left to right...
{1} irenesuchocki ~ Looking for love 8x10 Fine Art Print
{2} crankbunny ~ Secret Decoder Valentine card
{3} homesweetwalls ~ P.S I Love You Vinyl Wall Decal
{4} newfashionedwhispers ~ Apartment 554 Whimsical Rose 7 Heart Locket
{5} ozmaofodds ~ Mon Amie Key To My Heart Valentines Art Tags
{6} winkartisans ~ Spanish Dancer & Guitarist Cushion
{7} prairieboutique ~ Mr & Mrs Handpainted Wedding Decor
{8} Daintydeity ~ Sweet Pea Hand Wrapped Dark Bark Wire Tiara
{9} sherrisscentsandsoys ~ Raspberry Truffle Shea Butter Soap
{10} silvivia ~ Cinnamon Rice Ice Cream Sleeveless Cotton Tee
{11} ormolu ~ Love Song Paper Chain
{12} milkypunch ~ Pinky Pearly Cuff

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doll Parts

Natasha Poly by Glen Luchford

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Eyes of Bordoni

Flamboyant & full of drama, just like Miss Irene Bordoni herself...

The Eyes of Bordoni features an elaborate & intricate detail of wire wrapping, hand-sculpted & manipulated from different scratches of sterling silver wires. Three different fabricated frames are interconnected with sterling silver twisted jump-rings and chains. Adorning her lovely silhouette are the opulent gems of:

~ AAA Palest Teal Green Rock Quartz Faceted Onion
~ AA Vesuvianite Faceted
~ Amethyst Faceted Briolette Beads
~ Fool'd Gold Pyrite Faceted Rondelles

Further enhances her beauty are teeny tiny piece of Thai Sterling seed beads & some dainty Bali Sterling Silver Daisy spacer. Below the circle ring of golden brownish pyrite & watery AAA Teal Green Rock Quartz (which portrays Miss Bordoni’s eye) we have gorgeously luscious falls of Fine Silver & AA Vesuvianite Faceted Beads. Very royalty indeed!

The earring measures 2.5” from the top of earring hook (sculpted by me) with 1.5” wide.

Irene Bordoni, The French Doll

Noted for her seductive brown eyes and coquettish personality, Irene Bordoni is probably best remembered from musical theatre as the star of the 1928 Cole Porter musical "Paris". This petite Corsican-born comedienne honed her eye-rolling talents on the French stage before coming to Broadway at the age of 17 in the revue Broadway to Paris (1912).

Bordini was renowned for wearing only the most stylish of clothes, including costumes by Erte and have contributed to the increase in women smoking in the 1920's when she appeared in Lucky Strike cigarette advertisements with the quip, "I smoke a Lucky to keep petite".

She spoofed the great lovers of history in As You Were (1920) and sang the popular "Do it Again" with vivacity & verve in the French Doll (1922). Porter so appreciated her talents that his stellar list of superlatives in "You're the Top" includes "the eyes of Irene Bordini."

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Magnificent World Of ERTE

"Look at me, I'm in another world - a dream world that invites oblivion. People take drugs to achieve such freedom from their daily cares. I've never taken drugs. I've never needed them. I achieve a high through work." - ERTE

I came across this amazing artist during my youth and he became one of my earliest inspiration. His wondrous & colorful illustrations mesmerizes me as I stroll each & every page of them...full of opulence & decadence.

I've learn that before Erte, women were stuck in typical Victorian Era clothing such as voluminous skirts, corsets, button up boots & high neck collars. It took some vision to change that! The way Erte viewed women, drew them, envisioned and sculpted them, made me believe that I was born in the wrong decade!

Erte was born Romain de Tirtoff in St. Petersburg Russian and became one of the the twentieth century's foremost fashion and stage designers. For 22 years contributed fashion drawings to Harper's Bazaar, he became famous for extravagant costumes and stage sets of the Folies-Bergère in Paris and George White's Scandals in New York. In 1925 spending a brief period at Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer in Hollywood, he designed for opera and theatre.

The 40s and 50s were a relative period of obscurity for Erté. But the 60s found a new and enthusiastic market, and the artist responded by creating a series of colorful lithographic prints and sculpture,which exceeded the supply. It was a spectacular success in New York and London exhibitions of gouache paintings and drawings.

Erte died in April 1990 at the age of ninety-seven brought an end to a career of extraordinary brilliance and success.

Monday, January 4, 2010

She's a Doll

Dark, mysterious, and full of glam is the fall-winter issue of Acne Paper Sweden. Photographed by Paolo Roversi, the lovely actress Tilda Swinton was transformed into the late fashion icon and patroness of arts, Marchesa Luisa Casati. Her styling by Mattias Karlsson was equally amazing as well, very Art Nouveau with sunken eyes and gorgeous ensembles.

Love it!