Friday, October 2, 2009

The Spring Witch Flower Garden

The next morning Gerda went to play with the flowers in the warm sunshine, and thus passed away a day. Gerda knew every flower; and, numerous as they were, it still seemed to Gerda that one was wanting, though she did not know which. One day while she was looking at the hat of the woman painted with flowers, the most beautiful of them all seemed to her to be a rose. The woman had forgotten to take it from her hat when she made the others vanish in the earth. But so it is when one's thoughts are not collected.

"What!" said Gerda.
"Are there no roses here?"

And she ran about amongst the flowerbeds, and looked, and looked, but there was not one to be found. She then sat down and wept; but her hot tears fell just where a rose-bush had sunk; and when her warm tears watered the ground, the tree shot up suddenly as fresh and blooming as when it had been swallowed up. Gerda kissed the roses, thought of her own dear roses at home, and with them of little Kay.

Excerpt from Hans Christian Anderson *Snow Queen*

The Spring Witch Flower Garden the earrings, is based upon Hans Christian Anderson ‘Snow Queen’. It has a remarkable story line that incorporates all four seasons – Spring Witch, Summer Princess, Autumn Maiden and the Winter Queen herself.

As much as I love all the four seasons, The Spring Witch Flower Garden was my choice for this next delectable piece. Details were very intricate and time consuming leisurely done. The elaborate frame was composed and manipulated to form swirl pattern that irradiates with visuals palettes of warm spring color.

Those circlets below the leverback earwires are coiled with my favorite gems of all; tiny Genuine Rough DIAMONDS utterly creates subtle glints of shimmer. Embedded in the center of the herringbone is the dashing GENUINE VINTAGE ROSE CARVED CORAL PINK BEADS, which had an excellent creamy pink color. Gaily in their shots of serene blue is the AAA SKY BLUE TOPAZ BRIOLETTE with amazing brilliance that is hard to capture in my photos. :)

Moving southwards towards that gorgeous SMOOTH CHAMPAGNE CITRINE FLAWLESS POLISHED PEAR BRIOLETTE are charming corsages of dreamy SPINEL RONDELLES (exquisite colors ranging from orange-pink-purple and crimson), alluring AAA PLATINUM MYSTIC GARNET and lustrous tiny White Seed Pearls.

This creation is a sleek & slender piece, dropping approximately 3.2” from a 925 sterling silver lever-back with a wide of o.8”. All wires & chains are 925 Sterling Silver. Oxidized and polished to bring out the details of the wire work.


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