Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Princess & the Pea

This piece is truly a decadent heirloom. Green is the key color for this amazing piece. Neatly coiled frame sets the court for amazing Moonstones Faceted Rondelles with beautiful flashes of blue streak and petite AA Vesuvianite Rondelles.

Taking the center stage is an ultra juicy & flashy AAA Pink Mystic Rock Quartz Faceted Onion adding a princessy look. Below the frame we have a circlet of feminine swirly pattern dot with a single AA Vesuvianite Rondelles, while over to the sides, two glorious AAA Palest Teal Green Rock Quartz Faceted Onion sits majestically.

Moving downwards, shimmering, glimmering iridescent waterfalls of Swarovski crystals in Light Amethyst & Tanzanite (absolutely a decadent color) sways beautifully over a vivacious AAA Brilliant Mystic Apple Green Topaz Faceted Fat Pear Briolette. Very charming indeed!

Princess & the Pea drops fabulously about 3.1” from the top of the sterling silver lever-back, and span almost 1.4” wide. Having a design as dramatic as this, this piece is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

All wires & chains are 925 Sterling Silver. Oxidized and polished to bring out the details of the wire work.


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