Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mad Tea Party

Alice Adventures in Wonderland” and the sequel that follows after “Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there” are stories written by Lewis Carroll (or Charles Dodgson the real name of Lewis). Once written for British readers of another century, it is known today as more than just a children’s book and that the nonsense is not as random as it seems at the first glance. One has to know the background of the story in order to fully enjoy it. Many jokes that are interwoven in the story were meaningful to people in the Victorian era, and it contain some private jokes that could be understood only by the intimate friends of the author.

The main character Alice is based on a real girl, called Alice Liddell, who happens to be the author’s child-friends and his most favorable ones among the other sisters. The Wonderland stories was one of the tales he invented to amuse them. In fact, the whole story was inspired by many things out of Charles Dodgson environment, where he referred to people & places he knew.

Lewis Carroll is not the only one who based his work on elements out of his environment, Sir John Tenniel who created wonderful illustration for the Alice book also based some pictures he drew on existing works, or added other hidden things into them. Now that’s interesting!

Inspired by the Mad Tea Party scene from Alice in Wonderland, I created this enchantingly flamboyant piece by combining the daring combination of color and texture.

So, the Mad Tea Party begins with the star of the season, magnificent AAA Mystic Black Garnet Elongated Teardrop dangling amidst rows of glorious AAA Ametrine Briolette and waterfalls of luster seed pearls.

Next, our guest of honor the dashing AA Grape Chalcedony Fat Heart Briolette which exudes with beauty among those lovely Spinel Rondelles (with color that range from light pink to dark purple) and tiny Thai sterling silver seed beads.

Last but not least, petite AA Vesuvianite Rondelles and Genuine Rough DIAMONDS making a grand entrance to the scene. Fabulously gorgeous!

The silver is oxidized giving these flamboyant piece lots of depth and character. Reminiscent of old Victorian style, these earrings are wonderfully versatile draping approximately 3.5” from top of the leverback earwires and 1” at her widest point.

All wires & chains are 925 sterling silver.


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