Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Princess & the Pea

This piece is truly a decadent heirloom. Green is the key color for this amazing piece. Neatly coiled frame sets the court for amazing Moonstones Faceted Rondelles with beautiful flashes of blue streak and petite AA Vesuvianite Rondelles.

Taking the center stage is an ultra juicy & flashy AAA Pink Mystic Rock Quartz Faceted Onion adding a princessy look. Below the frame we have a circlet of feminine swirly pattern dot with a single AA Vesuvianite Rondelles, while over to the sides, two glorious AAA Palest Teal Green Rock Quartz Faceted Onion sits majestically.

Moving downwards, shimmering, glimmering iridescent waterfalls of Swarovski crystals in Light Amethyst & Tanzanite (absolutely a decadent color) sways beautifully over a vivacious AAA Brilliant Mystic Apple Green Topaz Faceted Fat Pear Briolette. Very charming indeed!

Princess & the Pea drops fabulously about 3.1” from the top of the sterling silver lever-back, and span almost 1.4” wide. Having a design as dramatic as this, this piece is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

All wires & chains are 925 Sterling Silver. Oxidized and polished to bring out the details of the wire work.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Alice in Spain

Love these remarkable shots from Ragazza – a Spanish fashion magazine, which did Alice in Wonderland themed a year ago. The sceneries are amazing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Curiouser & Curiouser

These are shots taken by talented artist Annie Leibovitz with Russian model Natalia Vodianova posing as Alice, with a collection of amazing designers in Vogue 2003. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s story book, Leibovitz utilizes surrealism expertly to reveal the fantastic world in which Alice lived.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mad Tea Party

Alice Adventures in Wonderland” and the sequel that follows after “Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there” are stories written by Lewis Carroll (or Charles Dodgson the real name of Lewis). Once written for British readers of another century, it is known today as more than just a children’s book and that the nonsense is not as random as it seems at the first glance. One has to know the background of the story in order to fully enjoy it. Many jokes that are interwoven in the story were meaningful to people in the Victorian era, and it contain some private jokes that could be understood only by the intimate friends of the author.

The main character Alice is based on a real girl, called Alice Liddell, who happens to be the author’s child-friends and his most favorable ones among the other sisters. The Wonderland stories was one of the tales he invented to amuse them. In fact, the whole story was inspired by many things out of Charles Dodgson environment, where he referred to people & places he knew.

Lewis Carroll is not the only one who based his work on elements out of his environment, Sir John Tenniel who created wonderful illustration for the Alice book also based some pictures he drew on existing works, or added other hidden things into them. Now that’s interesting!

Inspired by the Mad Tea Party scene from Alice in Wonderland, I created this enchantingly flamboyant piece by combining the daring combination of color and texture.

So, the Mad Tea Party begins with the star of the season, magnificent AAA Mystic Black Garnet Elongated Teardrop dangling amidst rows of glorious AAA Ametrine Briolette and waterfalls of luster seed pearls.

Next, our guest of honor the dashing AA Grape Chalcedony Fat Heart Briolette which exudes with beauty among those lovely Spinel Rondelles (with color that range from light pink to dark purple) and tiny Thai sterling silver seed beads.

Last but not least, petite AA Vesuvianite Rondelles and Genuine Rough DIAMONDS making a grand entrance to the scene. Fabulously gorgeous!

The silver is oxidized giving these flamboyant piece lots of depth and character. Reminiscent of old Victorian style, these earrings are wonderfully versatile draping approximately 3.5” from top of the leverback earwires and 1” at her widest point.

All wires & chains are 925 sterling silver.

These are absolutely gorgeous beyond words. I simply adore the little works of art Monsieur Christian Louboutin creates. This jaw dropping creation of Louboutin is, the limited edition of Marie Antoinette shoe collection which inspired by the 17th century French queen and icon.

In collaboration with world renowned embroider, Franco Indian Textile Group, Christian Louboutin channels the extravagant sartorial style of Marie Antoinette, showering the satin platforms with a deluge of colored beads, chiffon ruffles and velvet linings. Oh so lovely!

The ankle strap features a removable porcelain doll face wearing the distinctive coif of the queen. The overall look is sexy and ultra feminine. It is a serious tribute to the late Queen, but yet fun and playful!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Girl with the Glass Slipper

…Cinderella bides her time. She is faithful to her dreams, keeping them secret and nourishing them until they are strong enough to bear fruit. Somehow, Cinderella knows that imagination ultimately creates reality. She does not yield to those around her who would deny her essential nobility. She never thinks of herself as a servant. The insight is to keep faith in ourselves. If we remember who we are and keep working on our dreams, more might be possible than anyone thought…

Inspired by Annie Leikovitz’s Cinderella “Where every Cinderella story comes true” which beautifully portrait by Scarlet Johansen (see picture no. 4), I was aspired to create this charming little piece – The Girl with the Glass Slipper, using the shades of blue. I have to say that it was immensely fun to create & every bits & piece of it was melodiously synonym.

The Girl with the Glass Slipper comprises of an intricate frame coiled intensively in zigzag pattern halfway through to give it a distinctive appeal. Within them, are motives of curls & swirls bedecked with tiny authentic Thai Beads, glorious & brilliant AAA Micro Faceted Mystic Topaz Oval Briolette that echo the likes of Cinderella’s glass slipper and the soothing lovely Baby Blue Chalcedony reminiscent her beautiful flowing blue gown.

On both side and bottom of the frame, you’ll find triplets of dazzling AAA gem grade Sky Blue Topaz (amazing colors) with Swarovski crystal of mystic heat in Blue Zircon & Turquoise, producing a very sparkling effect as they sway. Very tantalizing indeed. And lastly, to finalize this glam creation, more girly clusters of Swarovski crystals of the same color adding extra bling just above the intricate frame.

This beautiful piece drapes approximately 3” from top of the sterling silver lever-back ear-wires and curves 1” at her widest point. It is absolutely a statement-making on its own. A wearable piece, extremely light & comfy ;)

All of the silver was given an oxidized finished and polished to bring out the details of the wire work.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Once Upon A Time…

I’ll be selling my first collection The Fairytale Series at Diamond Dolls Couture (Etsy) and it’s a beautiful collection consists of fabulous wire wrapped jewelry that are to die for. Do bear with me for the little inventory though, as I’m just getting started. Anyhow, more pieces will be coming soon so be sure on the lookout for the next post.

Here’s a visual treat from Eugenio Recuenco. Don’t you just love fairytales?


Princess & the Pea

Little Red Riding Hood

Snow White

Beauty & the Beast

The Pied Piper

Puss in Boots

By the way, these amazing shots are taken by Eugenio Recuenco. His is a Spanish photographer who is known to be a pain in the ass because he always insists on doing whatever he wants. He works for quite a number of clients both in the advertising and editorial fields all over the world who are also a pain in the ass, because they always want to do whatever they want.

You can view more of his work at his Online Portfolio.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love Decadent

I like the word decadent. All shimmering with purple and gold. It throws out the brilliance of flames and the gleam of precious stones. It is made up of carnal spirit and unhappy flesh and of all the violent splendors of the Lower Empire: it conjures up the paint of courtesans, the sports of the circus, the breath of the tamers of animals, the bounding of wild beasts, the collapse among the flames of races exhausted by the power of feeling, to the invading sound of enemy trumpets. — Paul Verlaine, circa 1886

Welcome to my blog! Here, is where you’ll find the ramblings & musings of a bright-eyed Virgo that has an eye for sparkle, vintage and all things pretty. My passion is to create jewelry and in the past few years I’ve been indulging in wire-wrapped artistry and millinery techniques. Obviously, the biggest influential for me came from the eras of the old world – Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and also Retro. From time to time, I’ll be posting more about my jewelries, ideas and inspirations. Do enjoy your stay here and thank you for visiting.

Well, off to work I go & have a great day. Au revoir!